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My art and fan-art i did:here


Rico TH-art section
Come get some!!
Dia,from Matt and Rico of Afireoutside
Ready for action!!
Domino,from Klest of Nameless story
She look...feminine!!
Domino,from an art exchange with JJCarek of The lounge
Run Zeugme,run...
THE first fan-art of Zeugme,Saganaki
Hehe,i pay for it but it was worth it:)
Domino with one of her countless beer.Comissionned fromYamcha Hibiki
Burn baby,burn!
Domino by Ti-Phil
Smoot the imp by Ti-Phil
Bring it on!
Annette done by Tyndal
He will definetly wear that in the comic sometime
Silver,the dynamic alchemist done by LunarSphinx
Do you smell what Silver is cooking?
The twins gazing at Silver craft,done by Dragonsong12

Street smart!
Domino,the street smart party girl.FromLunarSphinx

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