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Hehe,seem you find a secret place!Here's your reward for discovering it:
TH first characters sketchs!Most of them been made more than 10 months before the start of TH,so it's even crappier than the firsts strips!
This gallery is only about the bad guys,the good guys gallery is hidden soewhere else.

Here's the pics and it's VERY SPOILERISH!Watch at your depends:

Silver's replacent as evil bishonen badguy^^;He will stay the same,except for the hairs
Krogot first sketchs.I made him to fill the void left after i decided to make Silver the lead charater and a good guy.He will appear much later in the comic.
Nimmy Vermont,a vampire hunter in training.She will follow Annette everywhere(even if she don't want her around)
Magenta Dusang,the second bad guy i created(second to Silver^^;)She's a vampire(Dusang is french for*of blood*).Interesting mini-spoilerish information:she's the half sister of one other character...
Syah Nuhr=cyanur,i'm a sucker for stupid wordplay
Princess Syah Nuhr,sister of Maranda Nuhr whom she will try to kill.She suffers from dual personnality disorder,making her very hard to argue with.One of her personnality is sweet as honey,the other is bloodthursty and hunger for battle.
Oscar first official picture
Oscar was supposed at the beginning to be Silver best-friend and hang with the tresure hunters from time to time.I changed that and now he's a college collegue of Silver who invent for the sake of creating.He's a romantic,a dreamer and it's field of expertise is botanics and the hybridation of technologie and magic.
Human,cyborg or clockwork man?
The steel mask,the nemesis of the treasure hunters when they reach Victorianna.His hobby is to wreack havoc in the city with his steam-technology and his army of clockwork men.His intention are unknown...except for me:)
Uno=1,Deux=2 in french,cheesy wordplay again^^;
They dumb but not really evil
Uno and Deux,they're the steel mask thrusty hench-clockwork-men.They are part of the few clockwork men to whom the steel mask gave selfconciousness and they are in debt to him for that.

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