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Hehe,seem you find a secret place!Here's your reward for discovering it:
TH first characters sketchs!Most of them been made more than 10 months before the start of TH,so it's even crappier than the firsts strips!
This gallery is only about the good guys,the bad guys are in an another secret place and there is much spoiler,even if the stuff is one year old^^;

Here's the pics and a lot of behind the scene stuff:

At first he was human,the dot was only the nose shadow^^;
Silver first sketch,he was supposed to be a Sephiroth looking vilain with a bread knife but he got replaced by Krogoth and became the lead charater instead.
More sketchs of Silver
mehgrinNice,but it's not my style
Domino sketch,you can see the evolution even ifshe didn't changed much.She only look better now^^;
Melissa how she was suppossed to look.Her design wasn't very refind at first,mainly due to the fact that she's the only characters that survived my original webcomic projet(she was suppossed to be a robot^^;)
Look nice,excepth maybe the noseouch
Melissa current look,she might still have a small facelift before being in the comic.. .
A background character......who is more than she appear...
Alumine Alliage,which won't be seen until the comic take place in Victorianna.She's a blacksmith and a researcher,not to mention Silver childhood sweetheart.
She was suppossed to be possesed......but i scrapped the idea at the last min
Annette first official sketchs.You may have noticed that she wasn't BLIND when i created her!
The first full body sketchs of Domino and Melissa
Princess Maranda Nuhr,the youger member of the TH group(she's 8-12).

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