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[...]This section is still in construction,larger part of the synopsis will be added later[...]

Yes,it's a robotic Homer Simpsons at the top
THE first page of doodling for a webcomic.The story would have been about a planet habited by robots.Their culture would be the same as ours because they catch earth television radiowave,beside that,not much was planed.

the 2 main characters...
I only salvaged 2 things on this project,the first one being the concept with a planet separated in 2,one side using technology and the other side, magic.For TH I teaked the concept a bit and now both of these nation are continent now.

The second thing I salvaged is a character,Melissa (the magician girl in the pic above).Her overall design didn't changed much,except for the fact that she isn't a robot in TH (if you read TH you probably know now who she is^.^;).

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